Why Christians can respond to aggressors with love.

Triumph of the Lamb cover

I have found Dennis Johnson’s commentary on Revelation (Triumph of the Lamb) really helpful as we’ve been looking at Revelation on Sunday evenings.  Discussing the picture of Jesus Christ given in Revelation 19 he quotes from Miroslav Volf who is explaining why Christians can respond to aggressors with love.  I didn’t explain this very well when we looked at the passage so putting it here as further explanation

“Miroslav Volf, reflecting on his Croatian people’s suffering at the hands of Serbian aggressors, concludes that only the biblical confidence that God will bring the unjust to justice at history’s end can enable victims to respond to their attackers with nonviolent grace in the present. “The presupposition of God’s just judgment at the end of history is the presupposition for the renunciation of violence in the middle of it.”; He anticipates, “My thesis that the practice of nonviolence requires a belief in divine vengeance will be unpopular with many Christians, especially theologians in the West.” To his objectors he proposes that they imagine themselves lecturing on the thesis “we should not retaliate since God is perfect non-coercive love” to people living in a war zone, whose villages have been plundered and burned, whose daughters and sisters have been raped, and whose fathers and brothers have been murdered. “Soon you will discover that it takes the quiet of a suburban home for the birth of the thesis that human nonviolence corresponds to God’s refusal to judge. In a scorched land, soaked in the blood of the innocent, it will invariably die.?’” Page 271

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